Tuesday, February 24, 2015

about me

I just updated my about me,

I'm Currently enjoying my organic garden and wearing all black.
Not taking myself too seriously.

This Photo is from World Fest, this girl was so rad. 


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

El Aguacate

  I always hear my dad saying, "Ya no tè gusta el aguacate o que?" Of course, he l never asks me this because I love avocados. My dad has passed his love of avocados down to me and if we ever let any go to waste... it's like we let a piece of his soul die. It's really that big of a deal! My favorite part about having an avocado tree, is how his eyes light up when he sees the fruits of his labor, literally! We can use them for so many things, from guacamole to a face mask; They make the best hair masks too! Today I Practiced a new form of use, Avocado Pasta! The recipe and pictures are soon to come, once it's perfected of course. I promise!

_ L

Saturday, January 31, 2015

January Feels

January.. This month was so full of life and all my favorite people that exist in the world. 

Twenty Seven!
I'm excited! I'm excited! I didn't want to be a big planner this year because let's get real the most important birthday ingredients are: family food friends my personal favorites flowers balloons and donuts ? I was BEYOND BEYOND grateful for all the birthday love and sweet messages from all the people I interact with! I truly hope you all know how thankful I am to be loved by you all. Danny only he knows how much effort he put into my sweet, sweet gift that I'll cherish and Remember forever. Thanks so very much, brother. You are the sweetest thing mom and dad ever made. Dianiss Thank you for being my side, Thank-you, Thank-you for supporting anything I decide to do and picking me up when I fall after Danny finishes laughing -_-. Thanks Julia for my makeup and our makeup adventures. Thanks to my Gigi for my beauties and to my grandma and grandpa for my wonderful cake! Thanks Alex and Edward for my sweet, thoughtful gift! And my parents for holding me down for 27 years. My heart is so full with all the people I got to see this month and some I only get to see once a year! I want to say I do constantly take note and Remember all the love and effort you put in spending time and making it count. I did not cite all names, but also special thanks to one of my dear friends for making it! Flat tire, you got towed all the way home and still got back with energy and a smile to celebrate! I love you so much and things like this make me feel what friendship is entirely about. Being there. 

I'm welcoming February with great feels and even greater Vibes. 2015, give us all you've got. 

& as always lots of XO's! 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Deer Valley, Utah

I recently had the opportunity to Visit Utah and I found the people to be very friendly! There was a Turnup crew (It's actually Turn down, but Turn up sounds better.) who came in every night asking if we needed anything water, etc. One of the days I responded in Spanish, I caught myself because even though Spanish is my first language I'm hesitant to assume anyone speaks it. Some people get so offended, in this case this lady's eyes grew full with excitement! "Mira Que Linda! Habla Español!" She said she hoped to see me again and to never forget my language. I felt so Proud. I'm so used to living in Southern California, where Spanish  is so common and not such a big deal. To that sweet lady and all the wonderful  Golden Girls I met at the Deer Valley gift shops.. Thank you!