Monday, July 28, 2014


This heat has been like no other, If you're still thinking twice about recycling I don't know what to say to you..  The fact is times are changing and nothing is like it used to be. We're adapting to new things, fresh starts.

I'm very Thankful that these new things come with old friends.

btw don't  watch any back to school commercials. we're in the Peak of Summer, we have so much left to go. 

Monday, June 30, 2014

LA Places: Cinespia

Cinespia is one of my favorite Summer activities in LA! and throughout the years it has grown so much, it's  harder to catch a showing and park inside the cemetery but it's still possible. I had to plan this more than a month in advance to make sure tickets weren't sold out.  First time I watch a scary movie and i loved it. If you have a chance to experience a movie at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery you will not regret it. You may purchase tickets here. Grab your friends, a picnic basket, some wine and enjoy the show.


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Overcoming Obstacles: Guest Post

This post is about  overcoming obstacles because to me this Working Woman has overcome a lot. I am so happy to be her best friend and have her in my life but more so, I want you to be inspired by her story and how she's working hard everyday to be the best version of herself. To be a GIRLBOSS is not easy but how different her life is from a year ago .. is truly a story to tell. 

My list of goals last year consisted of getting a great stable job, buying my own car, taking Shaila on vacation and officially moving out on my own and I did it! As of last month I put the last check on my list, to most it's a simple list but to me it's all I wanted. To be honest the me two years ago was completely lost, I had no idea where my life was going but I knew I needed to do something especially because of Shaila. She was the only reason why I fought so hard. I slowly started to find myself, my self-confidence and especially my ambition to become a better person and a stronger mother. It was never easy, no one knows I probably cried myself to sleep more than I should of because of how scared I was of doing it alone but as soon as I decided to keep trying it all just became so clear. I got tunnel vision towards my goals nothing mattered but my dreams and the life I wanted for my baby. I'm happy to say that with the help of my some of my family, my best friends encouragement and my daughter I managed to put checks on my entire list in one year. I hope my story can inspire other women, there's  nothing better than a hard working woman that independently can care and provide for her kids even when she herself doesn't believe she can do . You will be surprised what you can do with just a simple check list and a few simple goals.

  • Make a List
  • Every time you reach a goal cross it off. ( feels amazing )
  • Have Tunnel Vision (only see the finish line)
  • Believe in yourself 
  • Never give up


Garden Therapy

My Father is so proud... Last weekend I planted a little flower garden that I now have to take care of. I took a trip with my Dad to Home Depot and picked up some flowers and seeds. I planted them and I can't wait for them to grow.  I'll keep you updated on my Garden Adventures.

How interesting is this

Spending time in a garden and tending to flowers and plants is proven Therapy. 
Richard Mattson, a professor of horticultural therapy at Kansas State University, said, “By associating with plants and nature, we are working with living and responsive media with universal acceptance.”
Its benefits include stress reduction, economic savings, more nutritious food and improved community human interaction, he said.
As an example, Mattson talked about a middle-aged woman in a psychiatric hospital suffering from depression who described her life as a dark tunnel. But while working in a greenhouse, she said, everything she touched did not die.
“In fact, the marigold seeds do germinate and in a short period of time they produce flowers,” Mattson said. “She expresses her hope and responsibility about the growing plants, and ultimately how her self-esteem had grown when the flowers bloomed.”
Flinton said people with traumatic brain injury benefit from horticultural therapy because of the greenhouse environment with sunlight, fresh air, high oxygen content, high humidity and the option of music.
Flinton also gave the example of one of her brain-injured patients.
The man told her when walking into the greenhouse, “I love flowers. I love the greenhouse. My mother needs some plants. I want to pot some plants. I love the greenhouse.” 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

"The Plan"

This week has been full of reflection and I found myself tearing up over this and this, What is our plan?  Sometimes we expect so much from ourselves. At one point of life I thought I had everything together. I was doing all my schooling on time. I had a job I loved, the non stop social activities. Always surrounded by people. I was only around 20 and I felt on top of the world. The world full of material things and shopping sprees and probably fake friends which are already gone. Now years later I laugh at myself. I definitely was doing great on paper, but my focus was wrong. My priorities have shifted, I feel healthier and happier. We all measure our success differently but to me it's moving forward and never looking back. It was quitting some jobs and quitting some people. Toxic has no space in my life now. I Cherish my parents more than ever before. I realize that time is what is truly valuable and what we can never buy back once it's gone. My plan now is to live in the moment. I will always strive to succeed it's in my DNA, but I will do so without losing what is more valuable to me now Health and happiness. I don't expect anything from anyone, just from myself. I'm Thankful that at this age i still strive to be kind to others, That life has been so great to me .. so great to not make me numb to the possibilities that there's a beautiful life to be lived everyday. If you aren't where you want to be surely you will get there someday, just don't lose what's important along the way. Look at life with open arms, share a smile starting with your own family. There's always time to turn our day around, If you have not the luck  that day.. there's always hope for a better Tomorrow.

A note about Ryan Cruz:
Jacqui has been so kind to share her life without her son, I see his pictures and smile, I wonder how hard it must be for her and her husband. Ryan now holds a place in our hearts, he is now our curly haired red head. I admire Jacqui for not shutting down, for living, she is now inspiring all of us who think our life is over for the stupidest daily ordeals. Her testimony of love after death will help all of us look at life differently and appreciate the little things.


To the ones in my life, to my beautiful family, friends included.
Anyone who takes a moment to read my thoughts, I appreciate you and I apologize for any grammar mistakes ..  xo.