Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Thanksgiving Project 2016


On Sunday November 20th we will gather at Downey City Library. We will be making bags for the homeless with the youth. This is also a activity you can do at
Home with your kids. They can attach a note of encouragement. We will deliver these bags at Mondaynight mission on Monday November 21st. I would encourage the high school kids to join us, it will be life changing! You can look at our past stories on social media with the #MADLATP 

If you would like to donate this year or participate in any way please let us know.

Thankyou in advance for supporting these families in need.

-Leslie Rojas 

We are accepting donations! Our contact information is down below. Let us know when/if we can schedule a pick up or drop off for any donations you would like to give! Here is a list of the staple items we round up, but feel free to contribute anything else that seems fitting to our cause!

Donations Needed
¨       Turkey
¨       Ham  
¨       Chicken (any; Whole, drumsticks, thighs etc.)
¨       Turkey stuffing
¨       Vegetables (all kinds)
¨       Fruit  (all kinds)
¨        Rice 
¨       Beans
¨       Pasta
¨       Mashed Potatoes
¨       Gravy
¨       Dinner Rolls
¨       Cases of Water
¨       Beverages
¨       Desserts (ex. Pies, cookies, brownie etc..)
¨       Canned Food
¨       Gift Cards
*All food must be uncooked

Also, we are constantly looking for anyone who truly needs a break this time of year. Feel free to talk to us about any families that we may bring smiles to around the holidays!

Thank you for demonstrating what Thanksgiving is all about!
Please feel free to forward this email to your family and friends; we need all the help we can get!

Monday, August 22, 2016

What I wish you learn by your late 20's

I wrote this for hello amigas,

What I wish you learn by your late 20's.

You love yourself overall, most days. You will have days in your life when you feel like a sack of potatoes. ( that's okay ). #BounceBack 

A man doesn't determine your self worth. No excuses. I refuse to let you walk into your 30's with that in your mind. This will be one of the greatest successes of your 20's. If you know and believe this you're a step ahead. #Iaintsorry 

We don't need to go out every night to live life. Life is moments, not necessarily lived only late at night. Sometimes you want to sleep early and wake up early for a beautiful hike. Your life can be poppin with some sneakers on too. #NetflixandPostmates #turnup

You don't have to be everyone's friend WOO HOOO!! You also don't have to be any one's enemy. #checkyourself  By your late 20's you know who you like to be around or not. No time for friendemies 🙄 I mean I barely have time to hang out with the people I love to waste any energy on anyone else. If you don't talk to someone you used to have a friendship with it doesn't mean you hate them either. Life takes different paths plain and simple. 

Live more than you post on social media. By this time you've figured out we post the highlights  mostly. #weonlymakingthehighlights  😎 you don't need to post everything you do. Some moments are for yourself and that's okay. We don't live just for our digital life. Thankfully we have memories. I take a lot of pictures, I have for years since I could remember. I don't post them all. If you live your life to impress others you're not living for yourself. 

Your Family Friends and Significant other are equally important in your life for balance. #HELLLOOOO #WORLDTOYOU  realize this now before you're left with no friends and your family doesn't care if you're around or not. Guess what?!  relationships end sometimes. Yup shocker, nothing is guaranteed in this beautiful life we live. If you create balance you won't be completely ALONE when one of these 3 fail. Chances are at different times of our life one of these 3 will. Every relationship needs nourishment. Make sure you are there for the ones you love in their darkest moments. Just like you were there when they're celebrating their best. 

Our Family is getting OLDER sometimes we get so busy working on our own thing that we don't stop and realize, grandma and grandpa are starting to walk slower. Mom and Dad are growing more Grey Hair. MAYBE I should call them. MAYBE I should spend some quality time before it's too late. This is the hardest lesson that is often learned too late. I want you to think about it now at least. Call them, FaceTime, send them a letter. I URGE YOU! #STOPANDTHINK 

Last but not least it's okay to fail. Yes it's okay, because failing means you've tried to do something. Failure means you've taken a chance.  By your late 20's realize that your failures are learning lessons. Never stop trying to make your dreams come true. Never be afraid to make a mistake. You will look back and realize what you thought was your greatest failure or heartache was in fact your greatest lesson.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

What I know for sure

About a couple months ago i purchased the book  “What I know for sure” by Oprah Winfrey, It's in my audio books so I’ve now listened to it over and over.  There's a lot of great anecdotes that Oprah describes about her life and what she knows for sure. I got to thinking, what do i Know for sure ? What have i acquired from my years on this earth? I came up with some notes and i will constantly update them. I encourage you to do this for yourself as well sometimes its good to reflect on what we have acquired throughout the years on this planet. I am far from the person i want to be, all i hope is that I'm getting a bit wiser by the decades. :)

What i know for sure ...

I hold the only key to my happiness.

You make a conscious choice each day to live the life you desire.

Complaining doesn't change your situation.

You can avoid triggers to negativity. 

There's never enough time, you make time.

I can change my day by changing my thoughts.

Waze isn't always right.

There's nothing a little hip hop cant fix. 

Monday, February 29, 2016

Love Thyself

Love Thyself.

I've learned so much in these first two months of 2016, and pushed myself to places and things I thought I would never experience. I'm on a healthier road. I wanted to share some of the things that have been effective in my journey. Super corny but many people go their entire life without Truly loving themselves & that's a shame. You're a beautiful person, unique In your ways. I think that there's always room for improvement and in my road to be a better me, I've discovered many different things that I wish to
Share with you too. 
 xo- L

  • Exercise: just go for a walk. 
  • Consistency: this ties into working out. No matter what never stop. Make a plan to enjoy some time for you and your body.
  • Read: I love Audio books, I listen to them when I need something extra and I can't get myself to actually sit down and read.
  • Write: I started a gratitude journal, everyday I write down something that makes me happy. I'm also a fan of lists. You have a notepad in your phone. Jot down some thoughts. 
  • Drink water: this is supposed to be #1 but I'm still working on this everyday. I play a little water game with my friends. We kind of battle each other to see who's drinking more water. 
  • Take a break: I've taken a break from activities that don't suit me. Actually take a break from anything that distracts you from all above. 
  • Create: it's so easy to get caught up in life and work, you forget your passions and what makes you feel alive. 
  • De clutter: I'm working on this, I read a book last year & it suggested you throw out a bag of stuff each day. I don't do it everyday but it's such a simple trick that really works wonders! 
  • Go outside: nature is so important and we have to enjoy it. I'm trying to get outdoors more. It helps me appreciate the little things like changing color leaves.
  • Don't stress about it: I gave up stress for lent. Find what triggers you and avoid it if possible. Breathe and if your neck feels tense there's always Icy-Hot