Monday, November 24, 2014

The true meaning of #BLESSED

WEE! I am beyond grateful for all of the wonderful hearts, full of support, that made this year’s Thanksgiving Project happen! I cannot thank you enough, but here we go!

Starting with Daniel Rojas, thank you. We had so many deliveries this year(some on second/third floors) and no heavy lifters!  Our boxes are heavy, but even after driving and designing our tee's with Gigi, they were delivered with a smile. A smile which made me smile and be so proud that you are my little brother; you have such a huge heart.

The Velasco's, I could not have done this without such a beautiful, loving and welcoming family. Our event coordinator, Mayra Velasco, doesn’t let anything stop her from making it to the finish line every year. Here’s to your tenacity and hard work; thank you so much for everything you do. Mayra always takes giving a step further, and becomes Santa for the holidays. She is putting together a toy drive so if you’re interested in donating toys for our kids in need please contact her as soon as possible! Email:

Our very own Miss President of the Viking Club, Allison Giselle. This young lady rounded up her team and joined us for the caravan, the ENTIRE day. I am so happy with all you have done, my love. I also want to thank Mr. Thompkins and Downey High School. Mr. Thompkins, this will definitely continue to be a yearly tradition!

To all of the youth that volunteered, this is for you. The dream behind #MADLATP is for kids like you to be involved. This Thursday, when you have your Thanksgiving meal, should not just feel like another meal to you; it should feel extra special because it's something you worked hard for, to provided for others. YOU made a difference and contributed to making all of these families have a thanksgiving just like yours! Value all of your opportunities and blessings in life.

To my beautiful Julia, a huge piece of my heart goes out to you; thank you for joining us once again! For never once complaining, always keeping a smile on that beautiful face and making my life that much easier. Your kind words mean so much to me and I want you to know that I appreciate every single one of them.  

To my dear friend, Jorge Martinez, thank you for always making it out and donating. You make it count.

Dianiss, Penguin! Thank you, for your forever support of everything I do, for your calming words and donations and for always taking the time to come and personally deliver items and checking up! I love you.

To my Nina/Tia Gisela and my uncle Ted, thank you guys. To the both of you, for always helping us create the shirts for our volunteers and for putting up with our craziness. We love you!  

Carina Valdez, thank you my love. When it comes to helping out, you never think twice.

To Sandra Muñoz and co., WOW! Thank you for all your donations! They made all the difference in our humble project.

Stephanie and Natalie, thank you! You are so beautiful inside and out. Patty Moreno, thank you for helping us another year!

My two wonderful Parents, it means the world that you support me!

And to any wonderful individual that I may have missed, thank YOU.

But wait, we're not done just yet… #MADLATP will host it’s very first Bakersfield family this week and we are so excited!!!! There is so much more to come! Now this is true meaning of #BLESSED! Thank you! Thank you! I'm so grateful for all of you.