Thursday, May 19, 2011


After turning 23 I realized that I had been stuck for some years, In a situation in Life? More like in California.

I have an Immense amount of Trips to Vegas Starting with My 21st Birthday.
Vegas is Great but Really? How disappointing from My earlier years and seeing such great places I haven't traveled much.

To me Traveling, road tripping just means so much, It brings me peace and serenity and it just reminds me that there is such a great world out there.

During these years I finished my education I established myself, I know what I want to do in Life. I'm just not discovering myself anymore although I learn something new everyday, I shall be somewhere new too.

Summer 2011 Shall be a commencement.
Starting with Chicago, I love cities, This one in particular has such culture and I'm very excited to visit it again. I feel like this trip will break the spell cast on me somehow.

So In the Words of Kanye West. I'm back on my Grind.

Chi Town you're first.