Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend Bits

I feel more American on Sep 11.

I completely ignored the media on September  11.. part of me just doesn't want to go back to that place 10 years ago.
I was in Middle School and I remember writing a poem that day about the whole situation. I didn't try to find it but If I do I promise to share it.  When I visited New York  they were still cleaning up ground Zero years later. They had set up a  temporary museum and I cried from the moment I stepped in to the end. Mostly I'm angry that our soldiers are still dying because of this and that more of our people  have died out in war than by the actual attacks.
God Bless America land that I love.
I Instantly fell in Love with these Kimchi Blue Shoes.
There's just something about Mexican Coke I love. p.s. I had this at Umami  Burger with the Manly burger.