Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankyou! yes you.


Things I am grateful for this year.
My health: I spent most of this year sick one way or the other I’m still here & I have much things to still accomplish.

My Family, I think I annoy people with “ sorry i can’t hang out family time” but it really is true I love just doing nothing which means everything with them.

Friendships, They say the great Friendships withstand all adversity & I’m thankful to have another year of amazing funny witty smart & caring friendships in my life.

Change & Movement: I feel like this year the world has shaken up a bit and people realize that they can fight for what they believe in & passion is what we must truly value. I heard so many opinions on politics and world events made me proud to know people are reading the news.

YOU yes you if you read this little blog or my tweets or anything I write!