Friday, December 13, 2013


(I have so many delayed posts, but I will finish before 2014  teehee)

Italy was a Beautiful adventure, I think I was mostly excited for The Vatican City because I do consider myself a spiritual person. Religion to me is not really going to church or reading the bible daily.. it's more like the actions you take towards life. The Wednesday we were in The Vatican,  the Pope blessed a huge amount of us in St Pieter's square..  the energy there was amazing and religious or not everyone present could feel that vibe. I think that the fact that Catholics from all parts of the world being together .. in this one place ..  was so amazing to me. No matter what race or age we all had something in common.  I can't begin to talk about the art ( I owe you that post).
 The whole Holy city was amazing. Italy was great from the Delicious food, Best Calzone ever ! (by the Trevi Fountain)  to the wonderfully tasting Gelato. 
We'll be back soon.