Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Self Workshop

I want to start doing this Self Workshop every Tuesday, If  anyone would like to Join me and reflect. It's great to look at our Everyday goals and plans in a new perspective and simply be thankful for what we do have everyday. Working on yourself is a everyday task that you should never take for granted. There's always room for growth.

Today write down 10 Things you are Grateful for that aren't simply material.
here are mine! Visualize yours every morning if you can, your outlook on the day will be much better.

  1. Health! Health is your true Wealth.
  2. California Weather.
  3. The Night Stars ( even if it's just one i see in LA)
  4. My Grandparents! I'm lucky to love and enjoy them.
  5. I'm Thankful for the ability to see the world.
  6. Books! I love love love the new worlds I can visit through literature.
  7. Music! there's nothing a good sing along can't fix! try it.
  8. Water! The fact that I have access to clean water is great. ( even though there's a CA drought lol )
  9. My heart! Thanks for beating everyday and giving me another chance to be alive.
  10. Writing! My favorite outlet, my sanity. 

Hope you enjoy your 10.

X & O