Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Self Workshop Week 3 / Always have a plan.

I was listening to a seminar this morning about procrastination and planning,  The trait of a successful person is always finishing what they start.

" Failing to plan is, Planning to fail. "

I thought to myself well I love my spontaneity I love life being different everyday...
But we should always have a to do list.

For this weeks exercise make a plan.
It may be career wise
Personal Goals
Education Goals

Any plan that you wish to follow Through.
Stick to your plan, Stick to your to do list.

Sometimes the most amazing things start with a plan, for example Degrees Projects etc.
Getting that Diploma
Succeeding in your Career
It all started with a Plan, See the point isn't that you think you can and you think you are smart the point is that you follow through stick to your plan and finish it off.

Write down your current plan , Visualize it, Live it.
Stick it on your office Desk, On you bedroom mirror, anything to keep you working towards the goal.

Happy Planning.