Monday, August 18, 2014


When I'm driving on the Freeway, I always wonder where the people next to me are going. Some are in a rush, some singing and some shaking their heads. Me? I'm either rapping to Drake or feeling melancholic to Lana.  

Do you guys know what I was thinking about today? I love the way my dad thinks of little details for my siblings and I. He says things like: "I noticed you need this" or "don't stress too much! Take a day off!" If only he would take his own advice. That man works harder than anyone I know. 

On the other hand, my mom ALWAYS makes sure we have a souvenir tee from every place she travels to. I just think to myself - mom I have so many tee's! She's the best though. I often get a call, just to be asked: "DID YOU EAT YET?!" Even from afar she tries to keep her mom duties in order.  

My siblings? They're so different, but yet so similar! I appreciate  their little acts of kindness. Whether it's planning our dinner or finding random donuts on the table, it never gets old. 

Then there are my friends, and the way they light up my life. We're currently all in our zone. I just want you all to know that I appreciate you; I love seeing you grow. 

This city, LA, I love you. Thank you for giving me the freedom to roam your streets and explore your options. 

Now... what do you appreciate?