Sunday, January 25, 2015

Deer Valley, Utah

I recently had the opportunity to Visit Utah and I found the people to be very friendly! There was a Turnup crew (It's actually Turn down, but Turn up sounds better.) who came in every night asking if we needed anything water, etc. One of the days I responded in Spanish, I caught myself because even though Spanish is my first language I'm hesitant to assume anyone speaks it. Some people get so offended, in this case this lady's eyes grew full with excitement! "Mira Que Linda! Habla EspaƱol!" She said she hoped to see me again and to never forget my language. I felt so Proud. I'm so used to living in Southern California, where Spanish  is so common and not such a big deal. To that sweet lady and all the wonderful  Golden Girls I met at the Deer Valley gift shops.. Thank you!