Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Thanksgiving Project 2016


On Sunday November 20th we will gather at Downey City Library. We will be making bags for the homeless with the youth. This is also a activity you can do at
Home with your kids. They can attach a note of encouragement. We will deliver these bags at Mondaynight mission on Monday November 21st. I would encourage the high school kids to join us, it will be life changing! You can look at our past stories on social media with the #MADLATP 

If you would like to donate this year or participate in any way please let us know.

Thankyou in advance for supporting these families in need.

-Leslie Rojas 

We are accepting donations! Our contact information is down below. Let us know when/if we can schedule a pick up or drop off for any donations you would like to give! Here is a list of the staple items we round up, but feel free to contribute anything else that seems fitting to our cause!

Donations Needed
¨       Turkey
¨       Ham  
¨       Chicken (any; Whole, drumsticks, thighs etc.)
¨       Turkey stuffing
¨       Vegetables (all kinds)
¨       Fruit  (all kinds)
¨        Rice 
¨       Beans
¨       Pasta
¨       Mashed Potatoes
¨       Gravy
¨       Dinner Rolls
¨       Cases of Water
¨       Beverages
¨       Desserts (ex. Pies, cookies, brownie etc..)
¨       Canned Food
¨       Gift Cards
*All food must be uncooked

Also, we are constantly looking for anyone who truly needs a break this time of year. Feel free to talk to us about any families that we may bring smiles to around the holidays!

Thank you for demonstrating what Thanksgiving is all about!
Please feel free to forward this email to your family and friends; we need all the help we can get!