Thursday, May 31, 2012

Road Trip Guide

photo: Pinterest 
When it comes to Summer, Road trips are on the tip of the air. I've had my fair share of road trips and highway adventures. Your trip should always be fun filled and remember not to fall asleep if you're  co pilot, there is nothing less thrilling than a snoring road trip neighbor. 
  1. Music is very important! Make sure you have a playlist ready or a couple of mix tapes. (don't be shy and listen to the local radios as well.)
  2. GPS now a days we are so lucky we don't have to read a map, make sure you have some sort of  GPS available to avoid getting lost. (That is how horror movies happen.)
  3. First Aid Kit
  4. Make sure  to Invest in AAA it will save you from a tire change to almost everything.
  5. Check your vehicle tire pressure, and engine before taking off. 
  6. Bring a Flashlight! 
  7. Snacks! live a little take your favorites! Make some Sandwiches, Bring Water and A mini cooler. (You can find a healthy sandwich recipe here.)
  8. Let the windows down!!!! it's not a road trip if you're enclosing yourself from the road. I like to stick my head out the window, which people frown upon. Make sure there's no cars.
  9. Dress comfortable, there's nothing like being able to use public restrooms without a hassle.
  10. Explore your surroundings, pick up some dirt look up at the sky and not really at your phone.
Take pictures, film a little! Life is really too short to not make a great movie out of it. 
Remember to be positive and make great memories, the choice is yours.
Happy Weekend XO's