Friday, July 20, 2012

If you should ever feel,

We all have down days, it's only normal. Personally I feel like I don't need a full blown day, it might just be a moment. In any case there's always a cure to your madness.Do something that makes you happy. Don't allow yourself to feel such deep sadness that it extends stay in your heart. Sometimes it's just a good cry. Either way you will always have a someone. Even people that don't have friends are still cared about. You have Family. If you should ever feel the need to hurt someone because of all your Ill feelings seek help. This Story that happened in Colorado, really made me think and realize how fragile people can be. If this person had a positive influence in their life, most likely none of this would have happened. Remember we are all loved by someone and even when we make mistakes (that's only human) we can try again. As long as our intentions are good our outcome will be positive.