Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Thoughts on life, Inspiration & passion.

I had a talk with my little cousin about Inspiration and Passion. We are taught certain things like Algebra even cursive (I'll never understand why). Imagine if we were all taught as kids to inspire ourselves, sounds cheesy but sometimes it's the lack of passion and inspiration that ruins lives. No matter what age we are we all need a dream. The whole point of living is to be active not on autopilot. I'm the first one to say we're not perfect. I may make some grammatical mistakes, financial mistakes even traffic mistakes. Life is full of mistakes, but it's the passion that comes within us that fuels us to do better and to always be better. We don't have to be better than anyone else, the challenge is to always aspire to be a better version of yourself. I've had adults tell me, " I had my fun, now I have to work and life is monotone." The problem is the fun should never stop. You will definitely not have the same fun in your 20's like you will in your 60's. I'm sure my Vegas Trips will be replaced with greyhound trips to a bingo tournament or something. ( I really hope I spend my last days in a California Ranch).Regardless of the routine we must always keep a fire inside our soul. Look for things daily that amaze you, now a days it's so easy to find an article, art, short film. If we keep fueling our lives with passion we will truly never be old. If you're ever in a Inspiration rut, look for 5 places you'd like to see, They can be in your own city!!  discover them. As always feel free to share your passion/ inspiration with the ones you love. You would be amazed at the bizarre look people will give you when you ask " What inspires you ?"

end thought