Thursday, May 29, 2014

"The Plan"

This week has been full of reflection and I found myself tearing up over this and this, What is our plan?  Sometimes we expect so much from ourselves. At one point of life I thought I had everything together. I was doing all my schooling on time. I had a job I loved, the non stop social activities. Always surrounded by people. I was only around 20 and I felt on top of the world. The world full of material things and shopping sprees and probably fake friends which are already gone. Now years later I laugh at myself. I definitely was doing great on paper, but my focus was wrong. My priorities have shifted, I feel healthier and happier. We all measure our success differently but to me it's moving forward and never looking back. It was quitting some jobs and quitting some people. Toxic has no space in my life now. I Cherish my parents more than ever before. I realize that time is what is truly valuable and what we can never buy back once it's gone. My plan now is to live in the moment. I will always strive to succeed it's in my DNA, but I will do so without losing what is more valuable to me now Health and happiness. I don't expect anything from anyone, just from myself. I'm Thankful that at this age i still strive to be kind to others, That life has been so great to me .. so great to not make me numb to the possibilities that there's a beautiful life to be lived everyday. If you aren't where you want to be surely you will get there someday, just don't lose what's important along the way. Look at life with open arms, share a smile starting with your own family. There's always time to turn our day around, If you have not the luck  that day.. there's always hope for a better Tomorrow.

A note about Ryan Cruz:
Jacqui has been so kind to share her life without her son, I see his pictures and smile, I wonder how hard it must be for her and her husband. Ryan now holds a place in our hearts, he is now our curly haired red head. I admire Jacqui for not shutting down, for living, she is now inspiring all of us who think our life is over for the stupidest daily ordeals. Her testimony of love after death will help all of us look at life differently and appreciate the little things.


To the ones in my life, to my beautiful family, friends included.
Anyone who takes a moment to read my thoughts, I appreciate you and I apologize for any grammar mistakes ..  xo.