Monday, May 26, 2014

MDW : Happy Summer

So one of my Favorite Pandora stations is definitely Kokomo Radio, there's something about The Beach Boys that brings me to summer full force.  Last Summer was one of the greatest Summers ever and why? because I wasn't stuck inside a office. I had the chance to roam free in Sunshine. Never giving my Sunshine up again. Today we spent all day in the kitchen and  then the rest of the day eating. Tomorrow we will probably juice all day. ( yeah right)  I'm happy we get to enjoy our Freedom and Thankful for the ones who fought for us. THANKYOU!

BTW my

PiƱa Colada was so yummy! 

The Pineapple on top idea was probably on my Pinterest.
Follow me there! It's my favorite social media of the moment.

I used Bacardi Rum for this.. My dad corrected me you don't even need Malibu.
I need to restock the Malibu!

Hope you all had a great weekend too!