Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Summer Talk

I'm writing this post on a hot Summer night, technically not Summer but I live in LA and it's really either Fall or Summer here. I have not looked at my past Summer Bucket lists but I shall wing it.

Things I want to do this Summer, I feel like last summer I was recouping from my Euro trip and really nothing I could do in LA could top my beginning  of Summer in Europe. I kind of chilled went camping, Cinespia the usual. I think I saw John Mayer perform was that last Summer ? I really should look up the facts.

This Summer I'm kind of excited that Made in America Festival is coming to LA & I kind of wanna check out a solo concert of Iggy Azalea or Lana. My Brother will probably drag me to one of those.

My best friend got a new apartment in San Diego all on her own & I'm so down to explore 2 hours south of LA. Btw I'm so proud of her ( Drake Voice)

I'm definitely doing Cinespia, it's changed so much throughout the years but if you're down to split parking with your homies and buy everything ahead it shouldn't be that bad. I have not parked in the Paramount lot, Parking inside seems like part of the experience no?

 When I was little we would all go to the Drive In, I can clearly remember a Van full of Mexicans pulling up to the theatre, it was so fun! This year that Drive in reopened & I SHALL GO! 

Tiffany got a new bigger place so we are definitely celebrating that, so funny how our outings change with age.

I want to go Alien hunting idk maybe I've been watching too many alien shows lately.

I'm really excited to grow my garden as perhaps come up with a new cactus collection of plants ?

I also have a couple of friends who are graduating from college. I love graduations reminds me maybe I should get another degree or milk my own more.

I would make a list but I really don't have one planned yet. Maybe part 2 ?

Hope you're as excited for my Cactus plant collection as I am.