Monday, November 9, 2015

Friendship Talk

Friendship talk.

Last September I went through a tough time. Family is the most sacred thing to me, perhaps the only thing that can shake my world. I didn't tell my friends exactly what was wrong. All I stated was something was wrong. Sometimes you only need people to show up and be there, not to fix your problems just to talk about them. We don't only need friends for the fun parts. Without question 2 of my bests showed up at my door with food and vino. When I think back on that time I knew everything was going to be ok and in the end it was. I have a close family even if we annoy each other there's always love. One trouble is all our problem. We're closer than we've ever been before. We set our minds together and we were a great team, we are a great team. Even with all that I couldn't have been back to myself without my friends, those 2 that showed up that night no questions asked. It taught me a lot about friendships and about the friend I want to be. When somebody calls me and tells me they have a problem, I listen. There's no problem too small or too large. The point is to be there, no questions asked. When I ask my friends now " How are you? " I make sure it's not superficial and I actually care to be there if it's not fine. I make sure to answer honestly as well. When you ask your friends about their day make sure you care enough if they're not okay. You have no idea what a difference it makes. 💓