Sunday, November 15, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

I'm so excited to say this is the 5th year we're hosting the Thanksgiving project!!!!

The Thanksgiving Project started in 2011 when a group of people decided to give a special meaning to Thanksgiving. This holiday represents sharing, unity, team work and kindness. Your donations are hand delivered to our families in need for their celebrations. Any extra donations are delivered to LA mission and help our skid row family. 

This could have not been possible without the help of you all and I Thankyou from the bottom of my heart for all your previous contributions. 

Over the years you all have helped put a meal on someone's table, that is what thanksgiving means to me.

For year 5 we are doing a special celebration and expanding our horizons.
If you would like to host a family please let us know. If you of a family in need this holiday season please send us information.

Ideas for donations are listed below and not limited.

Donations Needed
¨       Turkey
¨       Ham  
¨       Chicken (any; Whole, drumsticks, thighs etc.)
¨       Turkey stuffing
¨       Vegetables (all kinds)
¨       Fruit  (all kinds)
¨        Rice 
¨       Beans
¨       Past 
¨       Mashed Potatoes
¨       Gravy
¨       Dinner Rolls
¨       Cases of Water
¨       Beverages
¨       Desserts (ex. Pies, cookies, brownie etc..)
¨       Canned Food
¨       Gift Cards
*All food must be uncooked