Monday, February 29, 2016

Love Thyself

Love Thyself.

I've learned so much in these first two months of 2016, and pushed myself to places and things I thought I would never experience. I'm on a healthier road. I wanted to share some of the things that have been effective in my journey. Super corny but many people go their entire life without Truly loving themselves & that's a shame. You're a beautiful person, unique In your ways. I think that there's always room for improvement and in my road to be a better me, I've discovered many different things that I wish to
Share with you too. 
 xo- L

  • Exercise: just go for a walk. 
  • Consistency: this ties into working out. No matter what never stop. Make a plan to enjoy some time for you and your body.
  • Read: I love Audio books, I listen to them when I need something extra and I can't get myself to actually sit down and read.
  • Write: I started a gratitude journal, everyday I write down something that makes me happy. I'm also a fan of lists. You have a notepad in your phone. Jot down some thoughts. 
  • Drink water: this is supposed to be #1 but I'm still working on this everyday. I play a little water game with my friends. We kind of battle each other to see who's drinking more water. 
  • Take a break: I've taken a break from activities that don't suit me. Actually take a break from anything that distracts you from all above. 
  • Create: it's so easy to get caught up in life and work, you forget your passions and what makes you feel alive. 
  • De clutter: I'm working on this, I read a book last year & it suggested you throw out a bag of stuff each day. I don't do it everyday but it's such a simple trick that really works wonders! 
  • Go outside: nature is so important and we have to enjoy it. I'm trying to get outdoors more. It helps me appreciate the little things like changing color leaves.
  • Don't stress about it: I gave up stress for lent. Find what triggers you and avoid it if possible. Breathe and if your neck feels tense there's always Icy-Hot