Sunday, May 8, 2016

What I know for sure

About a couple months ago i purchased the book  “What I know for sure” by Oprah Winfrey, It's in my audio books so I’ve now listened to it over and over.  There's a lot of great anecdotes that Oprah describes about her life and what she knows for sure. I got to thinking, what do i Know for sure ? What have i acquired from my years on this earth? I came up with some notes and i will constantly update them. I encourage you to do this for yourself as well sometimes its good to reflect on what we have acquired throughout the years on this planet. I am far from the person i want to be, all i hope is that I'm getting a bit wiser by the decades. :)

What i know for sure ...

I hold the only key to my happiness.

You make a conscious choice each day to live the life you desire.

Complaining doesn't change your situation.

You can avoid triggers to negativity. 

There's never enough time, you make time.

I can change my day by changing my thoughts.

Waze isn't always right.

There's nothing a little hip hop cant fix.